MedPhoton focuses on the development of a new „Image Guided Radiotherapy“ (IGRT) system. Therefore they deployed a new ImagingRing, which can record X-rays of a patient in realtime.

Together with MedPhoton we developed ReXView (Reconstruction und X-ray Viewer). ReXView enables a visualization and comparison of volumetric 3D data and 2D project data.

With the assistance of various measurement tools it is possible to analyze image data precisely. Additionally images can be overlapped with 3D objects (for example internal organs). As a result ReXViewer allows a detailed diagnosis of patient data, which can be created by trained radiologist.

ReXViewer has been developed as multithreaded C++ application with usage of the Qt framework.


  • TypeDesktop Application, Visualization
  • TechnologiesC++, QT

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